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Singing Lessons
For All Skill Levels


Get ready to strum the strings and hit the chords professionally. Learn guitar from the experts at Tralala.



Vocals without second thoughts is one of an integral part of music. Get your vocal training from the professionals and industry experts.



From hitting the base at the beginning to hitting the cymbals in the end master your skill in drumming at Tralala.



Get trained by the pros in one of the admired music instruments of all time.

You Can Trust Us.
We're Music Industry Experts.

Our mentoring methods is the last thing that needs to be worried about. Every staff at Tralala are experienced experts in the industry.

Singing Lessons
For All Ages
Special coaching class for kids is conducted. We make sure to concentrate more on the basics to give a strong foundation in music.
Our music program for teens is specifically designed to kindle their interest in music and to experiment with music in every possible way.
When it comes to adults it is very different. The programs have a very different approach towards music.
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Tips to Improve Your Singing Voice

Tips to Improve Your Singing Voice

  • Take care of your health
  1. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day as this helps the membranes which produce the sound perform their best.
  2. In case of a cold, don’t strain your voice and also ensure you consume something that helps soothe your throat.
  3. Quit smoking as it damages your lungs and throat.
  4. Avoid Spicy food, alcohol, milk products, nuts, and coffee.
  • Warm up before singing

Your vocal cords just like other muscles in your body require a warm up before you exercise them. How you can do this is by practicing both the chest and head voices. You can look up the internet for some model exercises.

  • Practice

Just like your Gyming or other physical work out sessions, singing too requires practice. It is important to train every single day to keep on track. Everyday practice will eventually lead to stronger vocal cords and an improved voice.

  • Sing songs you are comfortable with

Sometimes the best way to pick the positives in your voice is to sing the songs that you sing the best. Challenges are good as long as they are within manageable limits, so ensure you don’t put yourself on the line to challenge yourself.

  • Record your voice to listen to yourself

Even if you are someone with a blessed voice, it is essential to confirm that’s not just something you think. So it’s vital to record and listen to yourself sing as that helps you understand areas you need to work on and also to strengthen your strengths.


  • Express emotions while singing

Music, in general, is all about the feelings you have inside of you and how much of that you can bring to the forefront through your performance. Singing also demands the singer to do the same. If you don’t feel the lyrics and the composition of the song you’re singing, it will not bring out your best performance. And trust me, the difference is of an unmeasurable magnitude.

  • Sing quietly

Although most people tend to sing louder to make up for wrong notes, that’s the path for amateurs. Doing this will damage your vocal cords and also ends up making your voice sound cranky instead of the powerful you were going for. So don’t strain your voice and work on achieving a soft voice by making corrections to your breath and body language.

  • Utilize your breath and body
    • The best advice is to avoid tension in your neck and shoulders. Also, unlock your knees and control your breathing.
    • The best thing to do is to breathe right into your belly instead of your chest and not move your shoulders while you breathe in.
    • When you’re singing high notes, it is advised to think down as there is a tendency to lift your chin when you’re hitting top notes.



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