Music Products to Make Money From

Music Products You Can Make Money from

The beats for sale and songs you make on them are important parts of the music industry. Take those hot rap beats and R&B beats for sale and turn them into an actual product you can sell and make money from.  Whether you make digital download cards, physical CDs or MP3s this means having to manufacture something. A big question on many new independent musicians’ minds is whether or not they should even bother getting physical CDs manufactured. Can someone who is strictly digital artist still be successful in the music business?

We’ve all heard the horror stories about how physical CD sales are at an all time low and just keep dropping every year. And so you may think the only way to go is to have an all digital release. There are some other things you need to think about before you decide to do that, however. There are still people out there who may be important to your music career that don’t yet accept digital links to files or who prefer a physical music item. For example, some radio stations prefer you send a physical CD of your single with a bio and some related press material. It’s important to keep yourself accessible as possible even though some stations make set digital links.  It’s important to get at least some physical CDs manufactured for this reason alone.

MP3s are not physical objects that you can actually hold and feel but CDs are.  Having to go online and download an MP3 is a lot less personal and there’s just something Mauritz having a physical CD in your hands. You can even manufacture as little as 50 – 100 CDs with a short run order. Don’t worry about having to order 1000 because you probably won’t use or sell them all. All you want them for is to hand out at your live performances, anybody you meet on the streets, and some to send out to radio stations, music reviewers, and music magazines. Everyone still has the ability to play a CD, as popular as MP3s may be. Google a company called disc makers or local, national or global music manufacturers. You shouldn’t have to spend more than a couple hundred dollars to get 50 – 100 good quality, professionally printed CDs. Don’t be afraid to put some money into this, it’s a good investment in your music career.

As far as MP3s go, get your engineer (person who did your mixing and mastering) to create MP3 files for you. You’ll be sending these MP3 files to different people in different websites so get different quality versions of these files. Get a high quality file (192 kbps) and a super-high quality file (320 Kbps).  E-mail accounts and certain websites have file size limits. So use the normal quality file whenever you can’t use the super-high quality file. Another option as far as manufacturing goes is digital download cards. It’s basically a credit card with a download code on it which you can use to get your MP3 files. People browse to the websites on the card and enter the code in to download your MP3 files right to their computer. Anybody that doesn’t want a strictly digital release but doesn’t want a strictly physical release either should use this great option.

Distribute your songs on the beats for sale you bought with both physical products and digital files. This is a business so you want your customers to be able to consume your music anywhere they want.  Make sure you get both digital and physical products for your music.